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Plastic surgeon molds new lives in Vietnam

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By Christopher Burns on March 28, 2015 For many, the idea of plastic surgery conjures images of the TV series Nip/Tuck and Dr. 90210, where physical perfection is the ever-elusive goal. But plastic surgery is a much deeper field of medicine, defined not by vain aesthetics but by the molding and reshaping of any part of the body — for …

Dr. Mark Melendez in Vietnam in Surgery

Wilton Doctor Heads to Vietnam on Medical Mission

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During the one week mission, the group of doctors perform reconstructive surgery on patients. By Feroze Dhanoa (Patch Staff) Wilton resident Dr. Mark Melendez, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon is preparing for a medical mission to Hanoi, Vietnam.Melendez will travel to Vietnam along with a team of surgeons and nurses as part of the Reconstructive International Cooperative Exchange program to …

Dr. Mark Melendez in his Shelton Office

Local doctor volunteers at clinics, on medical missions

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Read full article here By Brad Durrell on February 16, 2015 Dr. Mark Melendez said he was inspired to become a doctor after watching his father go through a health crisis in his late 30s. “I remember seeing him in a wheelchair,” said Melendez, who was in his teens at the time. Melendez, 45, now is a plastic and reconstructive …

Plastic surgeon emphasizes availability

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Hugh Bailey – Newstimes.com For Dr. Mark Melendez, the personal touch takes top priority. The plastic surgeon, who has offices in Shelton, Greenwich and Woodbridge, says he wants his practice to hearken back to earlier days, when doctors knew their patients well and were always available. “I’m trying to bring back what was done in the past,” said Melendez, who …

Dr. Mark Melendez

Cirujano plástico de origen hispano abre consultorio médico para ayudar en reconstrucciones a víctimas de cáncer

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Jueves, 15 de Enero de 2015 00:00 Por la Redaccion El 2015 no pudo venir con su mejor pedazo de torta debajo el brazo para el Dr. Mark Meléndez, al dar por abierto sus tres nuevos consultorios médicos, ubicados en Shelton, Woodbridge y Greenwich; oficinas que darán atención con servicios en español y que acoge a pacientes remitidos de los …