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Welcome to Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates of Connecticut. We appreciate your interest, in the many procedures we perform, that will allow you to look and feel better. Dr. Melendez, his associates, and staff, will take the time to get to know you personally and to develop a holistic treatment plan based upon your specific needs. They will also explain in detail all pre-and post-surgical instructions, what you may realistically expect in terms of outcome, and answer any questions you have about your care.

On this page, we will provide you with a brief explanation of the most common and popular surgeries available. All cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries should first be carefully considered and discussed with a doctor. Please call us at 203-935-8160 or click here to schedule your consultation.

Injectable and fillers

Our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat, as we age, and as a result the facial muscles are working closer to the skin surface making smile lines and crow’s feet more pronounced. Other factors, that affect the facial skin, include sun exposure, heredity, and lifestyle. Dermal fillers like Juvaderm and Boltero, to name only a few, are all types of non-surgical rejuvenation procedures that can postpone the necessity for brow lifts, facelifts, and eyelifts.

Fillers can be used to plump thinning lips, minimize the appearance of scars, enhance shallow contours, and soften fine lines and wrinkles. They are an excellent tool, in the early stages of aging, or, when combined with other surgical rejuvenation procedures. Dermal fillers are typically administered in the office and the process can take thirty minutes or less. The softening and filling results can last for three to six months, depending upon the product used.

Dr. Melendez will answer any questions you have and outline pre- and post-treatment instructions.

Please call us at 203-935-8160 or click here to schedule your consultation.

Fat grafting

Fat grafting is also referred to as fat transfer, micro-lipoinjection, facial fat rejuvenation, autologous fat grafting or transfer, or fat injection. The benefit of facial fat grafting is that it gives a more youthful appearance, especially when used on the lips, cheeks, and on the folds running from the nose to the mouth. Fat grafting is also beneficial in the treatment of scars.

Fat grafting is done in three stages. First, a needle is used to remove fat from another portion of the body. The fat is then cleaned, so that only whole, clean, undamaged fat cells are used. These cells are then injected into selected areas of the face. Recovery time is only a few hours and discomfort is minimal. More than one session may be necessary to obtain the desired outcome.

Please call us at 203-935-8160 or click here to schedule your consultation.

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