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Dr. Mark Melendez was one of several speakers who was asked to present part of the findings, from The Community Profile: An Assessment of Breast Cancer in Connecticut — a comprehensive study of breast cancer in the Nutmeg State — which was developed by Susan G. Komen Southern New England. This press conference and reception was held on Feb. 29 at the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford. This event drew a wide range of attendees, including medical professionals, individuals from government, civic, and community organizations, concerned citizens, and members of the media.

Dr. Melendez spoke on the Community Profile: Quantitative, Qualitative & Health Systems Findings. He noted that there are many underserved communities in Connecticut; that many women are uncertain of how to access early health detection services; that taking time off, from work, is a major factor that impedes treatment for many women; and that there is limited public transportation to medical centers for screening, treatment, and procedures.

“I was truly honored to have been a part of this event and to be part of this distinguished organization that is working to help women and men, in the fight against breast cancer, all over Connecticut. Prevention, through regular mammograms and screenings, as well as through early treatment of breast cancer, are both extraordinarily important,” states Dr. Melendez.

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